"I love working with Spencer! He's the consummate professional. He always comes prepared, and he knows just what to play and how to play it. Very easy to work with."

               - Pat Strawser, Keyboardist

Gretsch Catalina Club                    Ludwig Classic Maple
Mahogany Shells with a White Pearl finish                           Maple shells with a Black Diamond finish
18" x 14" Bass Drum                           24" x 16" Bass Drum
14" x 14" Floor Tom                           16" x 16" Floor Tom
12" x 8" Tom Tom                           13" x 9" Tom Tom

Snare Drums                  Cymbals
Ludwig 14" x 8" Classic Maple                        
          PureSound Super 30 Snares                        Paiste 16" Steve Jordan Style Hi-Hats
Ludwig 14" x 6.5" Black Beauty                        Paiste 20" 2002 Crash
          PureSound Super 30 Snares

                      Paiste 20" Signature Traditional Light Ride

Ludwig 1967 14" x 5" Supraphonic                        Paiste 22" Formula 602 Thin Crash
          PureSound Custom Snares                        Paiste 22" Twenty Masters Dark Ride
Yamaha Signature Series Steve Jordan                        Paiste 24" Giant Beat Ride
          PureSound Super 30 Snares                        Zildjian 20" K Custom Dry Light Ride
Pearl 13" x 3.5" Natural Maple Piccolo                        Zildjian 22" Avedis Ride (with rivets)

Hardware           Percussion Accessories
Pearl Eliminator Single Bass Drum Pedal               Meinl Cajon
          Vater Vintage Bomber Beater               Meinl Studio Shaker
TAMA Roadpro Snare Drum Stand (2)               Meinl Live Shaker
TAMA Roadpro Boom Cymbal Stand (2)               LP Soft Shaker
TAMA Roadpro Straight Cymbal Stand (2)               LP Grenadilla Wood Claves
TAMA Stage Master Double-Braced Hi-Hat Stand               LP Lil' Ridge Rider Cowbell
Gibraltar Flat Base Hi-Hat Stand

              LP Tambourine w/ Nickel Jingles

Gibraltar Flat Base Cymbal Stand (2)               LP Tambourine w/ Brass Jingles
Gibraltar Flat Base Snare Drum Stand               LP Gajate Bracket
Ludwig Atlas Pro Series Snare Drum Stand               Stagg Mountable Tambourine
Pork Pie Round Drum Throne               Alan Abel 6" Symphonic Triangle


Microphones & Electronics                Drumsticks & Brushes
Shure DMK5752 Microphone Package, includes:                     Vater Los Angeles 5A sticks
          BETA 52A Kick Drum Microphone                     Vater Session sticks
          SM57 Instrument Microphones (3)                     Vater Fusion sticks
          3 Drum Mounts & Case                     Vater Heavy Wire brushes
                    Vater Retractable Wire brushes
Live Wire 15 ft. XLR Microphone Cable (4)                     Regal Tip Classic Telescoping brushes
DR Pro Boom Mic Stand                     Regal Tip Jeff Hamilton brushes
On-Stage U-Base Kick Drum Microphone Stand                     Vic Firth Medium Hard Timpani mallets


Also, I use Remo drumheads on all my drums:

Coated Ambassadors on all snare drum & tom batter sides

Clear Ambassadors on all tom resonant sides

Hazy Ambassadors on all snare resonant sides

Clear Powerstroke 3 on TAMA bass drum batter side

Coated Powerstroke 3 on Gretsch bass drum batter side

If you need further specifications regarding my equipment, feel free to contact me with any questions.